Single Axis Solar Tracking System Manufacturing

Designing and manufacturing the most suitable infrastructure for the needs of the project

Plant layout planning for maximum energy production with our single axis solar tracking system

Feasibility Study Based on Most Advanced Simulations

High accurate calculation of the energy to be generated by the plant on a monthly basis, including meteorological data and geographical location

Calculation of 10-year and 25-year based production amounts and financial return time, taking into account panel aging, system aging and maintenance expenses

Turnkey On-Grid and Off-Grid Applications

On-grid and off-grid system design and application for generating electricity from solar energy

Determination of on-grid and off-grid system components and products to be used

Preparation of electrical and static projects required for on-grid systems

Performing electrical distribution company (Tedas) connection operation procedures

Realization of application projects with technical requirements

Preparation of Static Project

Determining the most suitable construction type for the facility

Preparation of the static project of the selected construction

Preparation of Electrical Project

Determining the appropriate electrical infrastructure for the facility

Preparation of the electrical project for the selected infrastructure