Advanced Technology

Sun tracking in one axis

Calculation of sun position with 0.0003° accuracy without using a sensor

Embedded electronic circuit

Sun tracking accuracy below 1°

Additional production increase with backtracking method

Advanced Electronic Control System

Maximum energy production thanks to advanced control algorithm

Remote monitoring and control with wireless communication network

Achieving maximum production with a daily consumption of less than 50W

Built-in wind speed measurement and wind protection mode

World Class, Domestic Production

Solid mechanism with single axis movement

Cost-effective solution thanks to the action of up to 108 panels

Long years of trouble-free operation guaranteed by using DC motor and slew drive

Design in accordance with EN62817 standard

Easy And Fast Installation

Fast assembly thanks to ready-made assembly templates

Assembly using only bolts, nuts and washers

No welding is required in the field

Our Plants

Malatya Karakoy SPP 6MW

Gaziantep Technopark Roof 5kW On-Grid